Materials and

100% recycled aluminum

The crucial element in the GREEN blueprint lies its foundation in the gradual settlement of a circular economy. In our productive environment we proritize recycled aluminum, in particular the kind that is obtained from the re-generation of alu-cans. That is because such choice helps fostering virtuous habits among consumers, the material itself requires 95% energy as opposed to creating it from scratch and ultimately it is originated from a material that is already food-contact safe.

Sustainable handles

Another important component in a cookware structure and perhaps the most fragile part is its handle. Our technical labs have chosen 2 ways to render our products more qualitatively reliable as well as environmentally friendly: By developing a second welded-fixture on the handle’s attachment, (denominated TWIN BLOCK® ) we increased the lifetime span of the cookware, hence preventing early obsolescence. Additionally to that, effective from year 2021 we also combined this technology with sustainable bakelite material, which maintains the handle safe as well as ergonomic but also decreases the environmental impact of the plastic parts.

Sustainable packaging

Another step towards the zero-carbon footprint goals we had set for our company is the re-adaptaion of packaging. We are all aware of the irreparable damages plastic can cause to the environment therefore we have taken some definitive steps towards its gradual elimination. Wherever applicable, carton has been replacing plastic, but in order to do so responsibly, we have introduced FSC® – certified paper, the kind that guarantees the origin of FSC® forrests (that guarantee zero impact on the environment). That is in fact the most easily recyclable, biodegradable, hence ultimately sustainable choice a manufacturer can make.

100% Italian supply chain

Our supply chain is entirely local, 100% Italian, consisting only of selected partners that can guarantee the ethical and environmetal certifications we demand. The accountability standards and their measurability, allows us to monitor the yearly progress we are making towards a plastic free production and full environmental sustainibility goals.