Social responsibility

We are eagerly comitted to protect the environment, as well as our workforce s welfare, and to costantly improve the quality of our products. That is why we have implemented an integrated system that encompasses the entire scope of our activities.

Take action today to prepare the right future

We chose to increment our best-practice policies in order to exponentially reduce our carbon footprint. We seriously intend to disentagle our production process from energy-intensive operations in favor of environmentally-friendly innovation, beginning from selecting a virtous supply chain that shares the same philosophy.

Our latest commitment for green technologies:


Italian, integrated, sustainable supply chain


Environmental Certification

Pan body

100% recycled aluminium

Innovative and patented coatings



Sustainable bakelite


Double-fixing to ensure durability (as well as safety)

External coating

Water based coatings

Induction bottom

Energy-consuption reduction plan


Plastic free, 100% recycled paper

Integrated and sustainable local supply chain

Our manufacturing activity is based on a fully integrated, 100% Italian supply chain. In order to minimize our environmental impact and to maximize the energy/waste reduction through a virtous circle. Such practice encompasses the implementation of binding quality-standards throughout the supply chain, accurate checkups of the incoming components, optimizing energy-intense activities in designated time-slots.

We also introduced and fostered the use of plastic free packaging and encouraged sustainable-paper consumption, in a way that our efforts can be measured , compared and further improved.

Our certifications

ISO 14001 guarantees the implementation  of a voluntary practice aimed at constantly reducing the carbon footprint without compromising the level of quality and our accountability towards the customers

SA 8000 ensures we abide to the highest standards of workmanship welfare , protection towards minors and towards a safe and healthy work-environment

Certification ISO 14001: 2015


Certification SA 8000: 2014

Social Responsibility

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